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The Wise Shall Realize

Undeniably, most people in this world are desperately searching for peace and happiness. Yet apart from experiencing momentary pleasure or satisfaction, nothing can provide true liberation and bliss other than the Teachings of the Supreme Buddha, the Noble Dhamma. By compassionately teaching about suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering, and the path leading to the cessation of suffering, Supreme Buddha revealed the true nature of life and illuminated the way to achieve ultimate happiness.

Mahamevnāwa is an organization of Buddhist Monasteries, established 19 years ago in Sri Lanka, for the purpose of spiritual development through Gautama Supreme Buddha’s Dispensation. Its founder, Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnānānanda Thera, most affectionately known by his students as ‘Lokuswaminwahanse’ (Chief Monk or Teacher), has become a highly respected and cherished Buddhist monk all over the world. At a time when the true Doctrine of the Supreme Buddha was hardly known or practiced, The Chief Monk endeavored to learn the Noble Dhamma from the 18,000 original discourses – all of which have been protected for over 2,500 years within the Pāli Canon. Having mastered the subtlety of the Dhamma, The Chief Monk began to teach it, honestly and clearly; using everyday simple language.  The Chief Monk began with a small group of four eager listeners, and today pursues the same compassionate and genuine intention with crowds of up to 2,500,000. By sincerely teaching the Supreme Buddha’s Dhamma in its purest form, The Chief Monk has formed an era where faithful disciples can practice the Doctrine and realize the true happiness in this very life.

There are now 70 Mahamevnāwa Monasteries, with overseas branches in India, Canada, United States, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Netherland, France, Cyprus, Australia, England, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Nearly 700 Monks have been ordained, and practice under The Chief Monk’s guidance.  These Monks share the same humble ambition to teach the true and sublime Dhamma. This book represents a collection of sermons which explain several original discourses (suttas). The sermons were delivered by The Chief Monk and have been transcribed into print to allow for quiet reflection and wise consideration. Its rich content will help the reader to understand the extraordinary qualities of Supreme Buddha and thereby develop confidence in the Buddha’s wisdom, as well as gain an understanding of more advanced concepts like dependent-arising and mind training.

“Mankind’s wonderful treasure of wisdom is the Teachings of the Supreme Buddha. This Noble Doctrine, the Dhamma, illuminates our lives, bringing happiness and joy. Go in search of this wonderful Dhamma, lead your life accordingly, eradicate suffering, and join that fortunate band of people who experience the Supreme Bliss.”

Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnānānanda Thera