Eng-DB-03 The Life of Buddha for Childre
The Life of Buddha for Children

My dear children,


               This book provides a description of the Buddha. Your knowledge is not complete without knowing about the Buddha. You will feel really happy when you come to know about the Buddha. As you learn about the Buddha, your mind becomes very clear and joyful. This will also help you not to feel lazy. You will realize all that you study is easily remembered. The knowledge of the Buddha will help to improve your qualities and live better.


               My dear children..! It is very likely that the period you will have to live in will be more stressful than the period we lived in. You will be unknowingly influenced by so many other forces to take you away from the Buddha. You must be aware of this. Only if you are aware, can you prevent this. This can only happen if your faith is not established in the Buddha. Then you could be tempted. No amount of money can protect you from the pitfalls of life. If you are not careful you will do wrong in life, which can take you to the four lower worlds. All this can happen only if you are not with the Buddha.


               My dear Children...! This little book was written purely to protect you. We value you more than gems of this world. If you are virtuous and good it will benefit you. If you are able to develop your mind by meditating that will also be of great benefit to you.


               May the blessings of the Triple Gems be with all of you who read this book..!!


This is,

Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda,

With metta


Mahamevnawa Monastery,

Waduwawa, Yatigal-oluwa, Polgahawela.

Sri Lanka.

2555 Buddhist years / 2011