New Center For

 Meditation And Mindfulness

Your generous contributions are highly appreciated for the estimated construction for the sacred stupa, enshrines the holy relics of the Supreme Buddha,

The elegant shrine room for the sacred statue of the Blessed One,

And the holy platform for the sacred Bodhi Tree of the Enlightened Buddha.

To the Dhammawood meditation Centre of California.

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      Construction of a new building for meditation practices, including a monks’ residence and a stupa is now underway at Mahamevnawa Bhavana Monastery of California, fulfilling needs for a convenient place to practice Dhamma for both devotees and the community of monks. The project is expected to be funded in its entirety by the contributions from our devotees and benefactors. Now you too can be a part of the meritorious deed by joining us to steer the project to great success!

       Shown on the right side is an indication of commonly suggested donation tiers, but we will graciously accept any donation amount of your choosing. We will also advertise opportunities to donate specific materials as well as opportunities for volunteers on this page soon.

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1. $5000 – $1000 X 5 INSTALLMENTS

2. $2500 – $500 X 5 INSTALLMENTS

3. $1000 – $500 X 2 INSTALLMENTS

4. $500

5. $100

Send your generous contributions to:

ACC Name - Mahamevnawa Bhavana Monastery of California

Account Number - 322626273

Routing Number - 322271627

Make your checks payable to MBMCA

For further inquiries, please contact:

Monks – 714 884 3894

Building Fund Committee – (Anil Silva) 310 626 2404 

Treasurer – (Geeth) 949 2664378 / (Amila) 818 802 0840

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