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A Growing Spiritual Community

Mahamevnawa Bhavana Monastery of California (Dhammawood Meditation Center) is a branch of an order of Buddhist Monasteries in Sri Lanka. We are part of the ancient Theravada Buddhist tradition  which began in 6th century B.C.E. Our aim is to share the great teachings of the Gauthama Buddha and his techniques of meditation with you. We offer a variety of activities including meditation programs, children and youth programs, day-long practice programs, daily chanting services and Dharma sermons, led by Buddhist monks  trained in the ancient Pali scriptures .  They will help you apply these timeless teachings to your life today. Never been here before? Find out what to expect .

New Center For Meditation And Mindfulness

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Dharma Audios
Dharma Videos
Guided Meditation

Collection of audios of the great teachings of the Buddha in English language.

Collection of videos of the great teachings of the Buddha in English language.

Instructions for meditation in English language.

Is there really a Buddhist monastery in Los Angeles?

You might be wondering...
Can non-Buddhists benefit your activities?

What do Buddhists Believe?

It's true. Since 2010 our monastery has been operating peacefully in the city of Los Angeles. Over that time we have been a home for monks trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition , all part of the Mahamevnawa (maha may oo NAwa) order based in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to sharing the authentic teachings of the Buddha... 

Resources from the Sunday ​ ​Meditation Class...

Discover how the Buddha trained people to achieve Nirvana. You can listen, read and download the teachings talked in the Sunday Meditation class.

In general, Buddhists believe:


  • We are all responsible for our own actions. 

  • Unwholesome actions eventually bring negative results; wholesome actions eventually bring positive results. 

Many of the things the Buddha taught can be of benefit to people of all backgrounds. For example, many people find Buddhist meditation helps them to relax and have a more peaceful mind throughout the day. And the basic moral guidelines the Buddha gave are shared, for the most part, ...

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