About the Mahamevnawa Bhavana Monastery of California...

Discover your Buddhist community in Los Angeles.


The Mahamevnawa (pronounced maha may oo NA wa) Bhavana Monastery of California (Dhammawood Meditation Centre) is a place for people to learn and practice the teachings of the Buddha as preserved faithfully in the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism . The lay community is led by fully ordained monks (bhikkhus). We are open to anyone interested in learning.

We offer a variety of regular activities such as Dharma Talks (sermons), Day long meditation retreats (Uposatha observance), meditation classes , and children's and teens classes. All of our activities are offered at no charge.

​Our Mission Is...

As we are a Buddhist organization our aim is to help people to develop spiritually that provides true happiness and wisdom, by learning and studying the sublime teachings of the Gauthama Supreme Buddha,

  • Organizing charitable activities

  • Teaching people how to develop good qualities such as generosity, virtue, concentration.

  • Teaching people how to develop wholesome thoughts such as loving-kindness and compassion.

  • Teaching how to collect good karma and to strengthen world peace by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path that leads to the ultimate liberation of Nirvana.

Meaning of Our Logo is...

                 The slogan of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist meditation centre meaningfully illustrates the unsurpassed dispensation of the perfectly Enlightened Buddha. The wheel, containing 24 spokes represents the nine supreme qualities of the Buddha, the six supreme qualities of the Teachings of the Buddha(Dhamma) and the nine supreme qualities of the Holy order of Monks(Sangha). The Buddha’s preaching is stated as “The setting in motion  the incomparable wheel of Dhamma”. The wheel stands for the propagating the liberating Teachings of the Buddha as well.

        Lion, the king of the forest is considered as so brave and powerful, so majestic and mighty. When he roars coming out from his lair, all the animals in the forest hear, listen and pay attention to that. So too, the Buddha, the fully Enlightened Buddha teaches his sublime doctrine as brave as a lion, that dispels all the sorrows and sufferings in the world, wise people pay careful attention to that. The two majestic lions defending the incomparable wheel of Dhamma( Dhamma- the teachings of the Buddha ) directly stand for the unshakable bravery of the Thatagatha(Thatagatha- the Buddha).

Come join us in learning and practicing the teachings of the Fully Enlightened Buddha!